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Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

– Lilo and Stitch.

Welcome to Tribe Ohana.

This group is based on a few things….

  • Pay it Forward: We’ve all heard this. Someone has done something for you, even if it’s just smiling and saying hello when you’re having a bad day. The idea of Pay It Forward is to take that goodness that someone gave you, the good juju, the good karma and pass it on. Do something nice for someone else and keep it going.
  • Six Degrees of Separation: It’s not just for Kevin Bacon anymore, kids. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re all connected. It’s kinda funny to watch the “suggested friends” cycle around on Facebook or Myspace. We are all connected … it might be a circuitous rout to get from person A to person B, but, the point is that you can get there.
  • Tribal Thinking/Living: The basic idea of tribal life is changing up the currency. In stead of a system based on money (get money, get stuff. get more money, get more stuff) our tribal system handles currency in a different cycle. Our currency is support. Give support. Get support. The tribe is self-sustaining because everyone works for it and it works for everyone. It works for people, not businesses.

So… what exactly IS Tribe Ohana?

Tribe Ohana is an attempt to blend all of this into a network that we can use. Sure, we’re across several state lines and while Nicki Reddy may not know Sonny Lee, they may be able to help each other in important ways. Tribe Ohana is a place where we can all gather our talents, our resources, our knowledge, our information and make life work for each other.

Right now things are rough. We all know this. We’re reminded of it in the media constantly. But what we’re not seeing are ideas for how to get through it. Most people are so focused on the financial that they’re not looking at ways to bend the rules. I think the only way we’re all going to make it out of this is to help each other. No bailouts will come our way, no saviours. This is something we can do for each other.

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